Monday, 31 August 2009

My weekend in pictures

Its been a busy weekend but i needed to make the bank holiday worthwhile as its the last one we get for a while. I thought i'd just post some random pictures of what i've been upto.
Trying on clothes in H&M- Sat daytime
Having dinner cooked for me by my lovely friend-Sat night

Pampering with a face mask- Sunday daytime
Amazing my friends with the amount of make up i own-Sunday evening-My box isn't usually so messy!
Going out esentials-Sunday night. Red Glitter shoes from Red or Dead

Pre-drinking shots- Sunday night

My outfit for Sunday night. Red corset-Primark, Black skirt-H&M, i also wore black opaques as it rained and the red shoes above.

Drunk cuddles-Sunday night- Yes my breasts are comfy!
Monday in the garden with the dogs. Last night i was so very very drunk, i ended up misbehaving in a good/bad way with my friends sexy housemate. We'll see what happens there, it wasn't totally unexpected as there has been serious flirting going on for the last couple of weeks.

What has everyone been upto? x


  1. swit swoo - love the look! looks like you had an amazing wkend, love the god/bad story too :)

    I was in Leeds this weeked & loved it! xx

  2. sounds like you had fun, you looked lovely too xx

  3. You have to love the ruby slipper-esque shoes!!
    you look gorgeous in the corset! hubba hubba xxx

  4. Love the pics, sounds as if you had a good weekend. Your dogs are sooo cute!!!

    P.S. I wish i had the boobs to fill a corset like that ;), looking fab hun.


  5. Ooo those shoes are amazing and a cute jumper..aww the doggies are also cute x

  6. Yay, another fellow drunken bank holiday-er!!

    Hope you had a good time, sounds like you did!


  7. Hot shoes- i love glitter more than life lol

  8. So, cute! I love it.

    Nice corset too.


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