Wednesday, 2 September 2009

She's a maneater...

What is it with men? Before my ex i was singe on and off for ages, now there appear to be 3 men in my life. My ex who seems to think i should still be going to a party with him on Friday, my friends sexy housemate and also another friends brother. Why is it so hard to find a normal decent bloke who doesn't mess with your head?!!!! Enough about my random love life!
Today has been pretty much ridiculous, we all arrived at work this morning to find that our computer system hadn't been updated overnight therefore we had nothing to do. Basically we sat there twiddling our thumbs until 2pm until they finally decided we could go home, i wouldn't have minded staying if i was allowed to sit near people that actually speak, but no it was just me and one other person sat in my section today. I got out of there as fast as i could and ran home determined to do something vaguely useful!!
So this afternoon i have packaged up some bits i sold on ebay so i can post those tomorrow. I've also been hunting for birthday presents for my 2 friends and my mum who all have birthdays in the next few weeks. I'm thinking of maybe getting a MAC makeover for my mum, and i might get one for me on the same day. Has anyone had one done? I'd love to have something really over the top done but would they do something more subtle for my mum?
Also i've been looking for places to stay in Manchester as me and the girls are going in a couple of weeks time. I am going to be so so broke!! If anyone has ever been to Manchester or lives there, it would be fab if you could give me some tips on areas/specific places to go for day and night?
Sorry that this post is nothing to do with fashion at all but i'm so broke until payday next week and theres so many things that i want to buy. I'm really coveting the Marc Jacobs Magnifying Glass necklace i saw on I want you to knows blog, but i have zero chance of getting to the store to buy it :(
Sorry for the rambling post, i'll do an outfit post tomorrow hopefully x


  1. I've had a Mac makeover - they're £25 but that is redeemable against products so it is really good value I think. I had a new collection look done, but they do bridal, neutrals, pinup or whatever takes yours or their fancy! I learnt lots of tips specific to my facial structure that I still use to this day, 7 years on. We got one for my friend at work for her birthday - it's a fab gift. Go for it! x

  2. I got my mummy a MAC makeover for her bday and she loved it and ended up getting lots of stuff! I think it is very good for trying out different things. I had one too and discovered my favourite eye shadow and eye brow pencil that day. It's definitely worth it. I might pop by the M by MJ shop to see if they have those necklaces, really don't mind picking one up for you (as well as one for myself, it's very cute!). x

  3. I've had several MAC makeovers and they are good. My friends and I go every christmas! I bought one for my mum for mothers day and she's waiting for an evening occasion to get it booked. Go with a look in mind even if its a neutral look otherwise you could end up with some v v over the top make-up! x

  4. ha ha love this post!
    I've never had a Macover, I've only just got into makeup properly normally I'm happy with black eyeliner smudged of course.

    Good luck with the guy stuff, I get bored of who ever I'm with really quickly. Bad I know, I can't help it the novelty just wears off...OK I sound like a whore...I'm not lol!

    PeAce *
    prettyneons X

  5. soda law & all sounds very excites! :)

    never had a MAC makeover but always fancied it so cant wait to see the results if you go for it.

    Oh & im good thanks, & when o ocme back a wee meet of with a few of you bloggers would be nice- keep you posted!

    Hope you work things out xx


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