Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I got tagged

Thank you to both peonies and water lilies and pip a la chic who both tagged me with this one.

I have to tell you 10 random facts about me!!!

1. I'm only 5ft tall which is why i love my heels so much!!

2. Leading on from that i have well over 100 pairs of shoes now, i love them, but really should make an effort to wear them all. One day i'll take photos of them all and do a giant post!

3. If i had to eat one food for the rest of my life it would be pasta carbonara, i just love the stuff. I learnt how to make it myself and its just yum.

4. I've moved around the country a bit living in London, Berkshire, Northampton and Yorkshire. Its given me a bit of a random accent.

5. I've always been a bit of a party girl but i also love staying home in my pj's and reading a good book. I love girly books and also ones based on true stories.

6. I am always singing, i get it from my dad. I'm sat there singing to myself at work and even walking to work i have stop myself singing out loud to my ipod.

7. I'm petrified of spiders. I also moths and butterflies getting close to me. Clowns freak me out and always have done.

8. I'm the baby of the family by a long way, i was quite spoilt and i'm still a total daddys girl. Being the baby is good in some ways but bad in that my brothers still act like i'm 13.

9. I'm really really messy, i try not to be but mess just follows me. When i come in from a night out i'll leave my shoes by the door then my tights up the hall and gradually take my clothes off before finally reaching bed. My friends can vouch for this.

10. Right now i'm dancing while typing while listening to Kings Of Leon.

So many people have done this so i'm going to leave you to tag yourselves x


  1. haha, im the same, constantly singing and a daddys girl! xx

  2. Congrats Em, you deserve to get tagged! Sharon xx

  3. I love carbonara! I make it all the time when I'm at Uni. My accent can change quite easily, especially when I'm around Northerners at Uni, I develop a bit of a twang. You should do a vlog!

  4. I don't like moths either and I'm barely scraping 5"1 short people are best!xxx


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