Sunday, 6 September 2009

What a feeling

OHMYGOD i feel so rough, the last few weekends have been mad and after a very heavy night out last night i'm feeling it.
It all started at the birthday BBQ at my friends house, i never drink in the day because it doesn't agree with me but it seemed like a really good idea yest. For the BBQ i wore...
Hello Kitty Jumper-H&M, black skirt-H&M, opaques, Pink leopard pumps- Primark, sorry no photo!
The food! and a face photo, i used a mix of MAC Pink Venus and Electra eyeshadows- i totally forgot to do a close up but it was really pretty.
By the time i'd had a few drinks i was in the mood to party so i convinced my friends that we needed to go out in the evening. I'm not sure at what point i got ridiculously drunk, it could have been the sambuca shots or maybe it was the drinks i was convincing random people to buy me. Whatever it was i ended up losing my tights, falling over several times(including on a stage), snogging my friends sexy housemate and also his friend from the RAF and woke up this morning on a sofa at my friends house bruised and feeling like i was going to hurl. Why do we do it to ourselves? I'm giving my liver a rest next weekend!!
Lisa and moi with cheesy grins
I'm not sure why my friend is on the floor but it obviously seemed like a good photo op. Here i have tights.
Here the tights have gone! I'm doing my best game show hostess pose with the giant bacardi bottle, it was so heavy!! As you can kind of see i wore my zip through dress from H&M.
Hope everyone is well x


  1. Haha I had an heavy night too, why do I always think a big greasy kebab meat/chips/mayonaise is a good idea at a ridiculous time and also ridiculously drunk urghh. xx

  2. I LOVE the last dress on you! so gorrrgeous xx

  3. hee hee hee i love this post & the pics capture the madness- seems likeyou hd a great weekend.

    i came home with spag bol & chips at 4am! had obv forgot i was going for an italian tonight! aww well xx

  4. Lol love the sound of the alcohol fuelled night, plus the BBQ food looks nice.

  5. You are making me laugh a lot recently lady! Your nights sound so fun! Looking very pretty also xx

  6. Hahah you look amazinggg
    And looks like you had suchh a good nightt

  7. You have such gorgeous eyes!!xx

  8. Cute hello kitty dress!

    L.T. @

  9. Lol looks like you had fun xxx


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