Thursday, 10 September 2009

Just hold me closer baby

So much for a quiet one this weekend. Its payday tomorrow so i'm off to town after work to get some essentials then i'm off out tomorrow night....again. I have no idea what to wear, maybe my sequin skirt?
Saturday is my day dedicated to shopping. I have bits i really want to get but as usual i'll probably not get those and instead end up with things i don't need. Saturday night i'm staying in, yay! I can blog my haul and watch rubbish tv and sleep. Sunday more relaxing for me, think i might be going to a friends for a day watching DVD's in our jammies.
Its been a rubbish week really, the ex boy is being horrible, my trip to Manchester next weekend has been cancelled and i've been broke. I can't wait for 4.30 tomorrow for the weekend!
Hopefully no photos like this will be taken tomorrow night, no i have no idea why my dress is coming undone and where the hat came from.

Whats everyone doing this weekend?


  1. hee hee luv the pic :P

    Have a blast go go go

    The Ex can suck eggs xx

  2. oohh the case of the ex, that is so damn annoying...Go party and let him sulk.

    Can't wait to see your shop finds hun ;)


  3. tell the ex boy to go walk...
    you look great hun xx


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