Sunday, 13 September 2009

I'll take you to the candyshop(haul)

I did a bit of Sunday shopping today, it was so busy, i don't think the credit crunch is applying round here unless people are window shopping????

Anyways i got.....

The cutest owl necklace- I already have some owl jewellery but my mum pointed this out to me knowing i'd love it. Its all jangly when you walk!

Refill for my Mat Lumiere foundation- the woman was so rude and had no idea of her products at all. She was like do we even sell refills? I was like its that one there and pointing at it behind her. This fabarooni dress which looks so much better on. I had to size up to fit the boobs in and the only one they had, had a hole in the seam so i got a big discount woo. It only needs like 2 stitches. Cream hat, i love hats so am pleased with this, its one reason i love AW to get out my hats again.

Mustard tights to wear with the dress i gotBlack and gold belt, also to go with the dress as its a bit loose on the waist. This bangle which is much nice in real life
And a big cup of pick n mix, yay!

I also got the Revlon polish in Plum thats everywhere at the min and a No7 eye base with my voucher as reviewed by Daisy Bee.
Hope everyone had a good weekend x


  1. Fab haul hun, love the owl necklace, soo cute. Loving the dress too. That hat sooo suits you xx

  2. Oh, the owl necklace is fabby!!!!

  3. I love the owl necklace! The dress and tights will look so good together. I think I need some mustard yellow tights in my life too. xxx

  4. HI Em, love your haul particulary the dres which is gorgeous and the candy.Great job! Sharon xx

  5. What a nice haul! I can definitely send you a manifesto, didn't get your e-mail though, could you try again? Maybe just click the link in the sidebar?

  6. You have the best taste : )

  7. hurrah for us having the same dress!
    I wish I had boobs, haha, everything gapes awkwardly over my lack of chest and Primark don't even sell bras in my size (come to think of it, most places don't!)

  8. I love the owl necklace. I had on similar and it broke it was soo cute.


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