Friday, 4 September 2009

Beautiful and dirty rich...

Wooo an outfit post!! My stomach looks really fat in this pic, its not that big(honest!) the top i'm wearing is all bunched up under the skirt and i'm bloated!!
Black and white striped tee- Primark, tucked into, Red Skirt- H&M, Black opaques
Silver bow necklace- H&M
I wore MAC eyeshadow in Copperise today, i've had it ages and hardly worn it.

What are you wearing today? x


  1. Love that outfit. And Copperise is gorgeous on you.

  2. Nice outfit, you look great.

    Sexy eye's too you could have another few guys lusting after you today ;)

    Hope you have a nice weekend, it's not stopped raining here :( xx

  3. Great look and you don't look fat


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