Saturday, 12 September 2009

She's electric

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you are all enjoying the sunshiney weather!
Well i went out Friday night, ended up seeing the ex and staying at his house so we could chat, we've decided to give things another go, we're off on a date this week and he's coming with me to my hospital appointment that i'm having this week about my throat(again) as nobody else can come with me. I've missed him alot and it was good to see him, i'm just going to take things slow and see how it goes.
All of this drama meant i ended up not going shopping to Leeds :o
However i did manage a trip into town after work on Friday to pick up some essentials and i bagged myself this beauty. Its a really dark green colour and i love it!! Theres alot of sequins around at the moment and i wanted something different from black and not as gaudy as the bright coloured ones i've seen which just make me look more drag queen then anything else.

I think i'm going to wear it next weekend for my friends birthday with black opaques and platforms and wavy hair. I'm thinking bright tealy/green eye make up too.

Is everyone having a good weekend? x


  1. Looks lovely hun :). Fingers crossed everything works out for you and the boy. Fingers crossed your hospital appointment goes well x

  2. wow! what a sparkly number, it looks awesome, sequins brighten up everything!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I love it, it looks beautiful on! xx

  4. Hi there-good news about you and your boyf, love the new outfit too!

  5. Wow that is stunning on you! I love the colour.

    Good news re the boy - hope all goes to plan with him, and the appointment x

  6. wow that is stunning! I love love love that outfit! I hope everything goes ok at the hosp hun xx

  7. amazing dress, you look fabulous.

    I hope all goes well


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