Friday, 4 September 2009

I should be so lucky

I was late for work today so the whole day felt out of kilter. I grabbed the first thing that came to hand.
Black and white striped tunic dress- Dorothy Perkins, Black cardi-La Redoute, Violet opaques-New Look, i love the colour of these.
Cheapy black primark ruffle pumps-Primark
I did my eyes using a cheap Hello Kitty Pallete i got in H&M using a lilac and also Urban Decays 24/7 pencil in Lust.
I went to Asda after work and grabbed myself some bargains. I got a fudge face mask, also i got 2 collection 2000 Dazzle Me Dusts reduced to £2 each. I got Tinkerbell(green) and Spellbound(blue).
I also got this bubble bath and body butter smelling of Vanilla. It smells good enough to eat(i promise that i won't)!

Whats everyones plans for the weekend?
Tonight i'm staying in watching Friday night TV and eating rubbish. Tomorrow i'm meant to be going to a BBQ and party at my friends house to celebrate her sexy housemates birthday but i think i might avoid as i don't fancy seeing him after the naughtiness last weekend, especially as all of his drunken mates will be there too. Hmmm will see how i feel, i might go just for a couple of hours before everyone has drunk alot. Sunday i'm being lazy, YAY!! x


  1. I've just stumbled across your blog, and this outfit is so cute, i love the colour of those tights!xx

  2. Lovee n-spa stuff, they smell so gorgeous! xx

  3. I love the shoes! Tempted by the bath stuff as well, I can tell it smells lovely by your description!

  4. outfit is gorgeous and those dazzle dusts were a bargain. i have a massive collection of individual pigment pots but may have to go look to add to it xx

  5. Easy tiger! Wow you are certainly rocking stripes in this post and looove you lilac tights!! Sharon xxx

  6. Emma I love that dress/tunic I was looking for it online but they don't have my size!!! I love the purple tights too.

  7. For me grabbing an outfit in 3mins either results in some new combination that looks great and fills me with a sense of random happiness or I spend the rest of the day catching glimpses of myself in reflective surfaces thinking 'good grief, remove yourself form public at once...'

  8. Have a great weekend, your outfit is fab too!

  9. Lovely outfit, those tights are amazing!!


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