Saturday, 20 March 2010

Second haul post of the week!

Onto my second haul post of the week. I just wanted to say not everything posted was bought this week, they are bits I've gathered over the last few weeks and have finally got round to posting. I'm not a total spendthrift!
First up this cute denim bow headband, i can just picture this on a hot summers day with white sundress and sandals.
Jeggings from work, these are really lovely and comfy
Orange flower headband and black flower alice band

Horse belt from Primark

I couldn't resist this little dude!

Onto some beauty bits. I wanted a new mascara so i thought I'd try the Gosh Irresistible Intensity. I also managed to find a fab lipgloss to replace Mimmy from Mac Hello Kitty range which i used up. Its the top ones and is a lovely sheer pink. I got the bottom gloss free! It has a light inside and a mirror on the side to help you apply!
I finally gave in and got some Cheryl lashes, i can't wait to use these as they look fab on other people!
I also grabbed these cheapie lashes from Poundland, I'll do a review when i use them
And last but not least, i repurchased Bobbi Browns Colour Corrector and Concealer. I loved both of these products when i used them before and nothing else quite matched up. I also would like to say how fantastic the service was at the counter in Leeds.
Has anyone else been spending?
This weekend for me is going to be very quiet, all i'm doing is getting one of my dogs hair cut and reading magazines. Hoope you lot have more exciting plans!


  1. Great haul, Em! Especially loving the horsey belt and the cute owl pendant. Look forward to hearing you review the falsies, I've been looking at them in Poundland for weeks wondering whether to treat myself.
    Have a fab weekend.

  2. I love that Primark Horse belt! Amazing!x

  3. LOVE the horse belt, will definitely go hunting for that after pay day!

  4. very nice haul! I have been wanting to try out that bobbi brown corrector.. i'll have to give it a go next time i am at a BB counter.


  5. Oh I adore the horse belt and owl necklace. What a great haul of lovely stuff.

  6. Wow love the horse belt. You have been busy shopping. I have brought a few things but sadly I have now ran out of money :( xoxo

  7. Wow love the horse belt. You have been busy shopping. I have brought a few things but sadly I have now ran out of money :( xoxo
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