Friday, 19 March 2010

H&M Garden Collection

I've been so looking forward to this collection coming instore so when i went to H&M at the weekend i was really pleased to see some of it there. In usual H&M fashion bits were dotted around the store but i think it would have been nice if it was grouped together. The three things that caught my eye the most are pictured below.

White and black dresses both £7.99
This is the thing that caught my eye the most. Love it!!
These are the bits i wanted to see, but i couldn't find instore yet.

Away from the Garden Collection, i tried these two gorgeous dresses on and am slightly in love!

Has anyone else seen the collection yet? xx


  1. love it - im off to H&M tomorrow xxxx

  2. oh this is so goooooooooood thanks for sharing. I've not seen this yet as there isn't a h&M near me ( big time),so once again cheers-has made my day :)
    prettyneons X

  3. I have seen the collection... and I wanted one of everything!!!

  4. I am off to H&M tomorrow! xx

    Lovely dresses

  5. I bought the dress with the pockets! I saw the other dresses you photographed, but nothing else. That was in Liverpool :)

  6. The black dresses look amazing on you! Esp the first one, I was umming and ahhing over the green version. I have been going to H&M nearly every day for this darned collection. Still haven't seen the red strapless or the white shoulder frill dress but I did spot the floral pocket dress. I adore the nude shoulder frill dress too but they don't have my size in any of the things that are in store atm :(

  7. Thanks for your comments.

    I agree about the Garden Collection.

  8. I went today and I bought the dress that is like the polka dot one ou tried on, but floral.. I LOVE it. It wasn't marked as part of the "collection" though... wanted the polka dot one too but none in my size :( I posted my dress today though on my blog!


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