Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Top blogs!

We all have certain blogs that we love to read, so i thought i'd mention mine incase you don't read them alreay :)

Red and Purple Hearts - Myspace Glitters

Fiirst up is Vintage Vixen . Everyone should follow this blog, she finds such amazing bargains and always looks so stylish. I admire her confidence to experiment and wear anything she likes.
I also love the non fashion posts on here, especially the photos of her home and Jacob the tortoise.

Next we have Random London Girl . I have to say we 'knew' each other before blogging from a forum we posted on. I love her blog, she always looks so chic(even when she doesn't think so!) and she is also a lovely girl who picked up my much loved magnifying glass necklace for me.

I'm also loving Style of Fashionista . This girl looks amazing all the time. Everyday she posts a fantastic outfit and always looks flawless. I also want her hair and her black wedge boots :)

Finally i'm pretty sure you all read this one already but its Flying Saucer . I read this blog even before i started blogging myself. Its been really good the last few months with Selena being in Sweden studying.
Please tell me your top blogs, i'd love to read them.


  1. Oh, you are a sweetie giving me a mention! I'm all embarrased now. I'll definately be checking out your recommendations, thanks Em!

  2. Nice idea for a post! Some of my favourites are: Bardot in Blue, Canned Fashion, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Fashion Hedonism, Lions Tigers and Fashion Oh My, PinkBow, Sterling Style, This Chick's got Style. Links to all are on my blog, sorry if that's too many but hopefully some you'll like and won't read already!

  3. Ooh I haven't looked at those so I'll definitely check them out (not Vix though, I'm already majorly in love with her blog).

    Blogs I love? Backwards In High Heels is amazing for wonderfully written and expressed opinions about anything under the sun. t*rexes and tiaras allows me to indulge in photos of beautiful dresses and amazing IC shoes (thank you Char!). Basically anything in the links section on my blog is a blog that I love to read.

  4. ohhh have a look at apparallel, she always looking absolutely STUNNING

    also london rose, shes really pretty and writes really beautifully

    fashion train too

    and tastes eclectic fashion

    ooooh also the lickee girls are pretty cool

    ahhh there's too many, have fun!!

  5. Lovely blogs - I'm so happy to find new ones!

  6. Award on my blog :)
    Thanks for the comment!! xox

  7. You are SUCH a sweetheart for mentioning me. My blog is nowhere near as good or entertaining as yours, OR the others that you have mentioned (thank for those btw. I love finding new blogs!). Mwah! x

  8. AAHH I LUV VV, those gems she finds are epic and I want all her clobber too.
    If your looking to browse some new blogs, you must check out Twilas Vintage (...or something like that?),her blog is over on my blog list if you want a link to it...her blog is so cute!
    peace & bows...
    prettyneons :)

    P.S Massive thank you for the card,its lovely and on my fridge,bless you xx


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