Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Major hauling-photo heavy!

So, we had mothers day this weekend and me and mum decided to do what we do best.......Shop! We went to meadowhall which was really really busy and both came home laden down with bags. I managed to buy a good chunk of my Spring/Summer wardrobe.
Here goes.......................
Black and white spotty dress- This is so cute, if you look carefully, you can see it has a bow on the neck
Cat print dress, i love the print on this, its so random and sweet.
Navy culottes, i thought this was a skirt until i got into the changing room. I love them!
H&M slippers, this are hot pink rather then red, reduced to £3!
Chiffony bow headband
Hot pink and stripey basic tees
Cream floral dress
Nude bag
Coral polka dot dress
Baby blue lace dress. I'm not 100% sure about this, i love the dress but i don't tend to suit pastels.
acey vest, this is really pretty, you can't tell here but it has a floral pattern in it.
Tee with lace shoulders
New undies
Finally, i ordered these from ASOS, they are so cute in the dinky bottles, and they are also my first OPI polishes.
I hope everyone has had a fab weekend and is enjoying the sunshine.


  1. Lovely things! That mirror necklace is adorable and I've had my eye on the blue lace dress for a while.

  2. The colours in the hairband are so pretty!

  3. Gorgeous everything hun :)
    I have the mirror necklace & the lace dress but mine is in cream- Its a lovely fit.
    Great haul- that hair band is yummy

  4. I brought those slippers but in black but they were in the £1 basket but when I got to the till they charged me 50p lol.

    Lovely buys esp love the cat dress xx

  5. I love it all, i haven't shopped in yonks! you're making me sooo jealous!
    quick question for you, asos jeans, have you ever tried them? i've never bought them before but i really want some, do they fit true to size or should i size up? down? xxx

  6. gorgeous things lovely - where is the cat dress from?

  7. Great finds! I love all of them, especially the first dress. Thank you for the lovely commment, will feel weird when I actually become a mum one day...eeek! Not for a year or two, still scary though.

  8. Great buys! I especially love the dotty bow dress, the floral dress and the coral dotty dress. Where are they from please?
    Hope you enjoy your first OPIs!

  9. Thank you everyone!
    Tabitha, i've left a comment on your blog x

    Lou the cat dress is from DP it was in the sale for £10, i wore it today so look out for an outfit post with a close up of the print x

    Laura, the black and white one is DP, the other two are good old Primark!! xx

  10. The navy cullottes are adorable! Cannot wait to see how you wear them!


  11. i love the culottes, the lace dress and the mirror necklace! x

  12. EEEEEKKKKKK I love love LOVE that cat print dress, very cool!
    Them nail paints are brill: how great is all this Alice stuff which is doing the rounds?

    prettyneons Xx

  13. 'Tis me again haha.
    I just saw your comment over on my ickle blog
    ...I move next thursday hun x
    There will be a lack of posts for a short while until I get sorted out and plugged in (back online), but I'm going to mention this on prettyneons anyways.

    XX :)

  14. Oooooh the spotty dress, the floral one and the blue lace dress are all so lovely! Oh and people have actually noticed my lashes which is making me very happy (even though I feel like a total faker hehe).

  15. ooh where are the culottes from? I love them! xx

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