Monday, 1 March 2010

New things!!!

In no particular order....
London Necklace- Topshop
Grey and pink bow belts- Primark
Elephant necklace-H&M
Topshop Leopard bodysuit
Black zip back dress- Urban Outfitters
Ruffle dress from H&M, i got this in Navy Blue though
Polka dot playsuit from Primark, don't worry i won't be wearing it with red tights and a pink belt!
Primark have loads of pretty things in at the moment especially summer dresses. I resisted buying loads though as i know you'll be seeing the same clothes on every single person on every high street up and down the UK. Therefore i'm limiting what i get in there for now!!
I also resisted the Alice palette from Urban Decay, there were loads in my local Debenhams but after having a play i realised i do have alot of similar colours and i really need to use them first!! It is sooo lovely though!


  1. I love both of the necklaces so much. Great buys!

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous in those two litle numbers and I'm rather liking the red tights with the playsuit.

  3. Gorgeous Goodies - love the bow belts x

  4. I love love love the bow belts! I want one ;) And that ruffle dress from H&M is beautiful too.

  5. Those belts are adorable! I think I have to run out and get them myself now!!


  6. I clocked the navy version of that H&M dress on Friday and was very tempted. It's so pretty! Love the Primark belts too.

  7. I really do want all of those bits *jealous* much? Yes, hehehe.
    I have blog bling for you...a blog award, you can go and claim it over on prettyneons:)
    peace & bows
    moi x

  8. that red dress is so hot! you got so much great new stuff, lucky you!I think elephant necklaces are the nea thing, i been seeing a lot of them :)

  9. love the london necklace & the bow belts - think a trip to primark is necessary!

  10. Those primark belts are gorgeous! I never seem to find such nice things in there! xx

  11. Oh my I love all your new things! Especially the playsuit! I want it! And the red ruffle dress so gorgeous!!! x

  12. Love the leopard print body :)

    and its a pleasure to let you know about something new in leeds!


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