Thursday, 3 February 2011

Outfit of the day and thank you Lou!

Well its been a beautiful day here in sunny Yorkshire. We've finally moved into our new place, 2 days later then expected as there was a leak and the water had to be off while it was fixed(seriously we need some good luck!). But we're in!
This morning me and Seb had our 6 weeks check up(3 weeks late) at the doctors. All is well, he is now 61cm long and 12lb 7oz. We also popped into Phils work for a few minutes to surprise him. I wanted to go for a walk this afternoon but Seb had other ideas and has been asleep and i didn't want to wake him so hopefully it'll be sunny tomorrow too.
Navy floral dress-, Navy longline cardi-Primark, Black leggings-Select
Gold panther belt-Dorothy Perkins
This dress is really shapeless without a belt.
Also i was one of the lucky winners in Lou's blog competition, i received my massive parcel of goodies this week and am eagerly awaiting my first ever Graze box. Thank you Lou.

Its nearly the weekend!



  1. Aw thats sweet your more than welcome my love x

  2. Hope you're settling in nicely Em.

    What a great win! Which Graze box did you pick?

  3. You look lovely!
    Claudia xxx

  4. I really like the panther belt and glad to hear you are all moved in now :)x

  5. Glad to hear you're all moved in! Do we get new flat pics soon?

    Thanks for your comment, I loved my flat too *sob sob* it looks so unloved now that it is being rented! But it is earning me money so I can't complain really.

    And hooray for pink toilet roll! I hope you have more luck with it than I did. Did the pr company e-mail you or did you have to contact them? xx

  6. Happy moving in! What a haul of lovelies. xxx

  7. What a fab haul! I love graze boxes, I've not had one for ages though!

  8. The dress and the belt compliment each other!
    Hope Seb is well =)


  9. I really like the belt. The whole outfit looks cute :)

  10. lovely belt and dress!
    i did the graze trial once, they're really a good idea!

  11. Nice outfit I love the belt and dress


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