Monday, 7 February 2011

My weekend- Saturday

Firstly Seb says happy Monday to everyone, he is a very good mood today, lots of laughs and smiles.
I hope you've all had good weekends? Did you get upto anything exciting?
I had Phil at home all weekend which was brilliant. We went to Ikea on Saturday morning, we got there for opening so it wasn't too crazy, i got loads of little bits and bobs and we also got another wardrobe(as my clothes take up all the available storage) and some new shelves. I will do photos of the new place soon.
Floral top with ruched sleeves-H&M, Black velvet body con skirt-Topshop, Black opaques
Erggh, how do my tights get so dusty?
I love the little food bit at the end of Ikea and always buy something. This time i went for letter shaped biscuits, crisps, sweets, dark chocolate and some elk shaped pasta which i love and don't want to use!I made a halloumi pasta bake for us to eat(tastes better then it looks!) and we watched a John Bishop DVD(i have such a massive crush on him) and chilled out in the evening.
I want to say a massive thank you to Sadie for my lovely parcel that came today, i won her giveaway(2 giveaway wins now!) and am soo looking forward to reading the book.
Is it windy where you are? Its awful here, i want to go for a walk with Seb but we'd probably get blown away!


  1. I love going to Ikea, but always try to go early as possible, because I hate the crowds. I've never bought any of the food but am always intrigued by it! xx

    p.s Your little man is adorable

  2. Seb is the cutest! What a lovely smile.

  3. Em, I feel so pants today but that photo of Seb just made me SMILE. Your pasta bake sounds amazing, recipe?

  4. You must be soo proud of your wee man, Seb he's gorgeous!

  5. Aww Seb is adorable!!!
    Also, I love the top!
    Claudia xxx

  6. aww Seb is so unbelievably cute x

  7. Seb is such an adorable baby! Has the cutest smile I think I've ever seen :) xx

  8. Oh my word what a cutiepie Seb is! Gorgeous :)

    Loving the look of the alphabet biscuits & elk pasta - brilliant!

    Congrats on the giveaway win - looks like a grand prize. I read that book at Christmas, & found it really interesting. Hope you enjoy it - would love to hear your views when you're done!

  9. Seb is looking cute as ever, I was at a Christening yesterday - lots of cute babies and toddlers running round! The pasta dish sounds lovely, I made a halloumi salad for my lunch today and really enjoyed it.

  10. I can't believe how much Seb has grown!! He's such a cutie, he'll be a little heartbreaker when he's older with a smile like that! Love the pasta you got from Ikea, I need me some of that! Xxx


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