Thursday, 24 February 2011

Nail of the day: Myface Bellbottom Blues

To be honest i was a bit unsure when i picked up this polish in Boots as i'd never tried a myface product before, their stand isn't the most appealing to me and looks a bit (dare i say it?) boring. But this colour is fab, really easy to put on, one coat was all i needed and it lasts for ages.


  1. That is such a gorgeous colour, no Boots near me stocks this range, and the big one in town always looks so unkempt!

  2. oh my giddy giddy aunt I need this colour :)

  3. hellos hun awwww ickles sebs is so cute bless!!! I've missed so much whilst saving up for my laptop. I've just spent like two hours catching up on your blog.
    By-the-by those dresses (few posts below) from primark are so quirky. You've inspired me to visit primark sooney its been ages since i was in there i got bored of it could never find anything quirky. When i do go primark i'll post my finds for you to see.
    peace & hugs! xxx

  4. i love this colour, i hadn't heard of the brand before but may well look out for them!


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