Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Monthly missions: part 2

So heres part 2 of my monthly missions. You can see last months here.
Firstly heres a quick update on last months missions.
1. Taking care of my skin- i've really got back into the swing of my skincare routine and my skin is really showing the benefits.
2. Cooking-I cooked 3 new things this month. I made shortbread from scratch, bacon and cheese lasagne and also rocky road(which didn't turn out like Nigellas!)
3. Getting out every day- I'm pleased to report that me and Seb have only had 3 days where we didn't get out and 2 of those were due to snow. I feel so much better after a walk.
So all in all, not to bad! Onto this months missions
1. To start taking Seb swimming, it'll be good for both of us and fun :)
2. Read at least 4 books, so 1 a week. Reading is so relaxing, i need to make more time for it.
3. Post at least 2 outfits on this blog each week, i've been neglecting this recently so i'm determined to start it again.
Updates next month! xxxx


  1. i'm so behind with my outfit posting.
    and i haven't been swimming for ages, everytime i go to the gym the pool seems to be full of kids getting in the way fo the lanes :(

  2. I love swimming but we have a lovely warm brine pool. I don't think I'd be as keen if I had to get into cold water. xxx

  3. Good missions! Though it must be so hard with a baby to find time for yourself just to sit,relax and read a book? Babies LOVE swimming, you'll have so much fun! :)

  4. Mmm rocky road! I use a recipe from the goodtoknow website! x

  5. Sound like great missions, can't wait to hear how you get on

  6. Glad your missions are going well, I'd be interested to hear which skincare products are working well for you? Good luck with this month's missions, I'm trying to read at least one book a month and just about managing!

  7. Good luck with your missions - would love to know which books you read this month :) x

  8. I'm glad that everythings gone so well for you, especially the cooking new things - I find that really hard to do! Good luck with this months! x


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