Friday, 11 February 2011

Graze boxes- a free one for my readers

When i won Lous giveaway she included a voucher for me to receive 2 free graze boxes. I'd read loads about these but never actually tried one myself so i was really excited(sad i know) and got straight onto the site. I decided to get my boxes delivered on a Friday. I went through selecting things I'd like and dislike so they would know what to pick to send out.

The first came last week and in it i had

  • Honey Bee Good(honey cashews,peanuts and pecans) these were my favourite.
  • Copacabana(brazil nuts, dark and milk chocolate buttons) gorgeous chocolate.
  • Jungle Fever(brazil nuts, organic mango and pineapple pieces) yum!
  • Cheddar and Red Onion Foccacia bread which was lovely and soft and fresh


My second box came today containing

  • Ancient forest nuts
  • Korean Chili crackers
  • Honeycomb flapjack
  • Natural vanilla seeds
    I've not tried any of these yet but they look delicous!
    I'm really pleased with these, they are so handy you can take one of the sections out in your bag so snack on use as a quick treat. I love not knowing what you'll be getting, i love a surprise!

    When you register with Graze you get given a code to give to your friends and it gives them a fress graze box, so if you fancy a freebie then use code WX31CWH and you'll get the first box free and if you don't like the box, just cancel and no money will ever be taken from you. Just go to

Today i'm doing doing much, the weather is vile here.

Leopard dress-Oasis, Red tights-Accessorise


Have a fun weekend. Do you have any plans?xx


  1. yum! I used graze once before so I cant get a free box (I've tried all ways) but they were so delicious I might pay for a couple hahhaa.
    You look amazing x

  2. i've tried them before as well..i love the idea, but i had to cancel it as at the time i couldn't justify the cost :S
    love the outfit!!" xx

  3. I love Graze boxes - I get mine every Thursday and it's always such a surprise finding out what I've been sent! x


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