Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Review: Lush Smitten Handcream

The product
Lush Smitten Handcream £6.10 for 100g

Whats the hype?
'Protective, almond scented hand cream. Lush customers asked persistently for a lighter, daytime hand cream scented with the same mouth-watering fragrance as Snowcake soap. Ask and ye shall receive. Smitten is made with natural oils and butters for a longer term benefit for your mitts. It was named after a customer's favourite word, because to be smitten is a lovely feeling and a mitten protects your hands! It works brilliantly and smells fantastic. Use it regularly for nice soft mitts' Taken from the Lush website.

Its gorgeous smelling
The cream has a really thick consistancy.
Only a tiny bit is needed each time.
Leaves hands really soft and smooth and the feeling lasts.
Its made of lovely natural ingrediants.

Its a little bit greasy.
Its a fresh product so can only be kept for a limited time.

Would i repurchase?
Probably not as i love my cheapie Coconut handcream too much! I would buy it as a present for someone though.


  1. I love the smell of snowcake, reminds me of marzipan, ill definately have to try this! xx

  2. Hmmmm sounds nice but it's so expensive! I love Lush but only really buy things from there as a treat.

  3. i see so much Lush around that i think i'm about to give in those this whole Lush obsession :)


  4. That's the down fall to lush, ou can't keep many of their products for too long or they'll spoil =/

  5. I've always thought of buy one and the main reason that makes me thinking of buy one because it contains almond >> the almond is so good to make your skin so soft and smooth.

    I actually have 2 almond hannd creams.. one is from Body Shop and the other one is from Creme 21 and they are really great.


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