Monday, 22 February 2010

Haulin part 2

Here goes the second part of my haul!
Starting with my most favourite item a black jumper dress with studded shoulders. I got so many compliments on this.
Hideous changing room photo when i tried it on!
I got this fab striped vest in Kookai which is somewhere i never usually venture, it feels lovely and its long enough on me to wear as a dress yay!
Striped boyfriend jumper from Primark
Primark corsage
Cute headband from Internationale
Some glitter from Too Faced, its basically just pink glitter to wear anywhere you like!
Last but not least some fab undies from Asda, i am so happy they are doing big cup sizes with smaller back sizes now, not everyone with big boobs has a 36 or 38 back!
Also got a leaopard print set and a boring white bra.
What did you buy this weekend?


  1. I think you've cheated just a little bit on your shopping ban! Good buys though :)

  2. Lots of lovely things, that black studded dress looks gorgeous on you!
    Hope youre ok xx

  3. Love, love, love that studded dress on you! Great buys and those undies are so pretty.

  4. Brilliant haul - I love everything but especially the boyfriend jumper from Primark! xxx

  5. i love the studded shoulder dress! where is it from? x

  6. Love all your purchases especially the studded dress! I was good this weekend and did not buy one thing, but I did treat myself to a manicure :)

  7. Ooo yayy haul!! i love the studded dress. its gorgeous!


  8. That studded dress is so nice and looks really good on you! :) XO

  9. I love that dress!! The detail is gorgeous! xx

  10. That dress is beautiful :) I love the striped one too x

  11. The studded dress looks awesome on you! You have the best curves ever, I could never wear that, I'm far too lumpy.

    Thanks for your comment on my post hon, it was lovely of you x

  12. wow that studded dress is fabulous

  13. You look amazing- I LOVE the studded dress on you! Where is it from? Btw I copied you and bought the black skater dress from New Look. It's so cute.

  14. I LOVEEE that dress. So funny i just did a post about sequin shoulder shirts. Awesomeness!!!


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