Thursday, 25 February 2010

Mini MAC haul

I got my first fluidline!! I went for Blacktrack, even though i was tempted by some of the other colours. Can't wait to play with this. I'm not going to do a swatch of this one, we all know how black eyeliner looks! Obviously i couldn't just buy one thing! I also got a Slimshine Lipstick in Gentle Simmer, an Eyeshadow in Love Lace and Kohl in Minted. I think you can guess which one is which! The kohl is much brighter then it looks in the photo, i love green eye make up so can't wait to use it. What make up have you been buying? I can't decide if i need the Alice/Urban Decay pallete? Its so pretty and i don't own much Urban Decay(apart from liners).....


  1. I like my blacktrack, have a few others too.

    Also have the AiW palette. So pretty :) Emma x

  2. blacktracks laaavely!
    but its very smudgy so be careful! xx

  3. Ooo I love it! I love MAC make-up!
    Claudia xxx

  4. That's one thing I have never tried fluidlines :)

  5. I am in the mood for green eyeliner too! I am contemplating one of the Urban Decay liners, but this MAC one looks really pretty.

  6. Ohh I haven't bought from MAC in ages, too poor.


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