Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Lace, laces and bows

Heres what i wore for work today....
Dress-New Look, Black lace top underneath-New Look, Black ribbed tights
Close up of the bow on the dress
Grey lace ups- Primark
Time for a little rant! Did anyone else get the email from Topshop offering half price delivery? How rubbish is that?!! Thats a whole £2 off! I'm a massive Topshop fan but this offer wouldn't tempt me to order at all. ASOS is looking increasingly tempting to me more then Topshop as if offers regular generous discounts and it also has fantastic customer service. Come on Topshop, buck up!!

Finally my spending total for today is £2 which went on drinks and snacks at work.


  1. Gorgeous outfit , Em! Shoes, lace, bows make for it!

    Yep, much as I love TopShop I don't think a saving of £2 is gonna make me buy anything.


  2. those shoes are utter amazin!!!

    aaarrghhhhhhhh i so want primark!!!!!!!

  3. Topshop is crap for offers!
    lovely outfit!
    well done with the spending xx

  4. Love the boots!

    I know I got annoyed at that email from Topshop, hardly a saving! ASOS had an offer on today if you ordered between 12 and 2 it was free next day delivery - a much better deal! Shame I didn't check my emails until 4pm though!


  5. I love your whole outfit!! the bows, the lace, the dress..and those shoes! I'm really looking forward to Winter so I can buy new boots.

  6. I find Topshop hideously overpriced and rarely ever shop there. £2 off is a joke!

    You look wonderful, I love that bow!

  7. Really cute shoes - can't believe they're primark! x

    The doll on fashion

  8. super layering sweetie, love your shoes


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