Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Leopard print and stripes

A few weeks ago in Grazia there was a picture of a girl wearing a leopard print skirt with a breton tee tucked in and a belt, i'm a total leopard print lover so it caught my attention. I've never even thought of mixing leopard and stripes before. I did a quick google and came up with these pictures(i hope i haven't stolen anyones photos). I think i can safely say i will be trying the two together.
I'm likely to do this, i have my leopard pumps and can easily imagine wearing them with stripes
Love this!!
Another easy way to mix the two

What do you think?


  1. I wore a touch of leopard print (think it was some legwarmers and a headband) with a striped cardigan a few weeks ago. It's definitely a great look!

  2. Great look , mind you the lovely Kate can wear anything.
    I often wear my leopard print coat with stripes and florals, clashing is cool!

  3. aah I love Kate and Katherine :) Definitely a good look! x

  4. i really like this look too! cant wait to see your version

    ive been on the look out for the house of hollands-where did you get yours from??


  5. There was an amazing leopard print scarf in Zara last season that would have been perfect for this - I missed out on it though so on the hunt for something similiar. I've got quite a lot of stripes so definitely want to try this oput.


  6. Love leopard print, you've inspired me to wear a skirt I've got tomorrow! xx

  7. Love it! I have a leopard infinity scarf that I love. I think I might just have to pair it with a striped top this week!

  8. Yes! I like this..Well, i kinda did it on my last post..

  9. Thanks for the blog comment :)

    I think leopard print is a must in any girls wardrobe and so is the striped t shirt so why not combine the two!

    Http://aforteforfashion.blogspot. com

  10. love it! I've done this before with a leopard print faux fur coat and breton striped tee



  11. I love stripes and leopard print but don't think I've ever worn them together, will do this weekend I think!

  12. I remember the Grazia article! I think it's a great look, I love print clashes and this one looks like a great one to try out :)x


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