Thursday, 25 February 2010


At the weekend i looked after my niece Amelie for the day, she is 1 now and her latest trick at home is trying to climb into the fridge.
As it was a fairly nice day we decided to walk to the park with one of the dogs. Amelie already has an impressive collection of shoes and for the trip we chose these awesome pink trainers with red glitter laces(i so want some!). Then i decided i best put something practical on.
Cream and navy striped boyfriend jumper-Primark, Black vest(underneath) and leggings- H&M, worn with plain pumps
So we got strapped into the buggy and set off. I have to say i'm loving Amelies mittens too!

The park where i live has a huge pond full of ducks, geese and swans, part of it was frozen and i felt so sorry for them sliding on the ice.

We went to the shop for a treat then walked back home for a sleep. Apparantly i'm really comfy to sleep on. I love babies when they are asleep soo peaceful.

And for being such a fabulous Auntie my brother got me a lovely bottle of Gucci perfume!
Arggh i'm so broody! xx


  1. oh my goshhh! she's so gorgeous! such adorable photos :)



  2. Isn't she gorgeous? No wonder you're broody.
    What a thoughtful gift, too - absolutely fabulous!

  3. They are the cutest hi-tops ever! Glad you had a fun day and what a nice brother too! x

    The doll on fashion

  4. Awww how adorable is she! I love looking after my cousins :) XO

  5. I love the primark jumper! and your niece is so cute x

  6. Awwww your such a good auntie!I'm very clucky too. x

  7. awww she is lovely and such a pretty name.

    What a lovely brother you have to.


  8. Aww she's so cute!! :)
    Claudia xxx

  9. Aw she's cute, thats so nice of your bro to get you some perfume! xxx

  10. Amelie is gorgeous!

    That is my favourite Gucci perfume! x


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