Sunday, 21 February 2010

Face and outfit of the night

I went out last night but thankfully managed to not get totally drunk this time. It was so busy out, you could barely move. I originally was going out with friends but ended up meeting my ex and went out with him instead, we had such a laugh people watching and him taking the p out of my dance moves.
I went for purple eyes and red lips again, although the purple is darker as i mixed it with Mac Styleblack Blue Flame eyeshadow. I also used some fab false lashes which gave me purple lashes on the outer corner.
I'm a bit bored of my 'going out' clothes at the moment so i wore my skater dress. It was easy to dress up for a night out.
Dress- New Look, Black opaques(to cover the cuts from last weekends drunkeness!)
Red glitter shoes- Red or Dead

Red bow in hair

You can also see my bracelet in this photo of me with freaky eyes!
I woke up this morning to..........................snow :( Has anyone else had more snow? xx


  1. No snow here!

    You have the biggest, most beautiful eyes <3

  2. Just opened my blogger page & your gorge face popped up :) looking fab!

    Hope you had a great night

    No snow... yet!!!! grrr xxx

  3. You look lovely..I woke up to a lil bit of snow too grr x

  4. your eye make up looks fab :)

  5. So much snow here. I couldn't believe it when I woke up.
    Your eyes are soooo beautiful, love how you've made them up!

  6. Pretty makeup!! And such marvellous shoes too.

  7. jeee lovely, u are HOT! U look totally gorgeous, and am in love with ur red shoes (I have some similar)
    yum :) Glad u had a good night

  8. Oh so much snow here! I couldn't believe it when I woke up.

    Love your make up xx

  9. Love the purple lashes! Very pretty. We have snow too - very bored of it now.

  10. You look gorgeous, fab make-up! I'm hating the snow too xx

  11. Love the red bow and the make up looks great.

    Nope no snow here.

  12. Love the false lashes, and Love the red sparkly shoes! Looking good girl! I stumbled onto your blog today, and I love it! I am a new blogger, so come check me out at Brooke's Bits!
    PS: I am from Columbus, Ohio and over the past few weeks we have had about two feet of snow! That is a ton for us!

  13. I love the makeup & I really love your eyes, they're so pretty! I'm jealous XD haha

    & girl, I LOVE your red heels! ^___^ They look great. I wanan get myself a pair not! haha

  14. it's my dress! haha :)
    I love how you styled it, and your makeup is gorgeous



  15. Yum yum baileys, have you tried the baileys chocolate?Soooo good.
    I love your make up, it's so pretty !

    prettyneons X

  16. So pretty, love the hairband! What lipstick are you wearing it looks lovely? :)


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