Tuesday, 2 February 2010

La Redoute haul part 2

Here is the second part of my haul from last month. I've finally got round to saving the photos. Pretty much everything from my first part has gone back bar the flat pumps which are lovely. When i first starting working here i used to buy loads and keep it just because i got it cheap but i'm much more picky these days! I tend to use my discount to get better quality bits for a lower price. Not pictured is a gorgeous cashmere scarf in mauve that i got, its soo soft.
Cardi- This makes me think of All Saints
White dress, on the hunt for the perfect summer dress!
Another white dress!
Floral skirt, hoping this will be really pretty
I've also bagged my dad some fab cashmere jumpers for £52! They are really good quality too, i love that you can buy cheap cashmere in supermarkets and Primark but you can tell the difference next to these ones.

I want to say thank you to dinoprincess for the beautiful blogger tag. I've listed 7 facts before so i won't bore you with them again but i really appreciate the tags and awards i get so THANK YOU!!
Finally today i have spend nothing at all! Yay!!!


  1. ooh love the dress for summer! like to see you're thinking ahead! :D

  2. lovely buys! the dresses are stunning and that skirt is so cute x

  3. Love the dress, perfect alone or over jeans for a hippy trippy vibe. I do hope summer gets here quickly!

  4. ohh love the white dresses and I want that skirt its sooo pretty xx

  5. great picks...congrats on the award


  6. Gorgeous skirt, I really want it! You're a bad influence on me!! :)

  7. That skirt is lovely- I want it lol x

  8. Pretty skirt!I miss working in a fastion store and getting discount. I work in a childrens store and I really don't fit into the clothes.

  9. love that cardigan, looks really comfy and chic!


  10. Great cardigan and the first dress is so pretty - I can't wait for summer x

    The doll on fashion

  11. the skirt is a beaut! love it all :)
    well done ur award!
    Steph x


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