Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I promised some haul photos and here it is!
These babies are both modelled in the post below
Chanel Lipgloss in Party Red and Nars eyeshadow in Strada a lilac with golden shimmer.
My lovely daddy got me this heart print dress from New Look, i love the back cut out
I kind of went tights crazy with these Pamela Mann floral tights
And 4 pairs of Henry Holland tights! I got the alphabet tights in blue, the colour block ones in pink and blue and the suspender tights in pink
Striped tunic from H&M
Primark necklace, love this!
Primark sundress, perfect for summer
The most useful thing i got was this cupcake storage drawer thingy, its now full of my hair bands, bows and clips and lots of random things. Now this isn't everything so i will be doing another haul post at the weekend. Sorry its sooo long!


  1. cute things :)
    I love the draws too, so cute
    Steph x

  2. Love the primark necklace - and that's such a good way to store stuff! xx

  3. Love the drawers! where are they from?! :D

  4. very nice things! I really like that lilac shadow and the black dress

  5. i love it all! Where did you get the henry holland tights from?! I've been trying to get my hands on some for ages!

    The heart dress is so Luella, with the cut out and all!

  6. Is the storage draw from Next?

    I love the heart print tunic...cute xx

  7. What great things. I love the Henry Holland tights especially!

  8. OMg I love the dress with the heart shape back! that's so niceof your Daddy. x

  9. Great buys, love the make-up and the heart cut-out on the dress!

  10. I love that necklace, it's so cute.
    Claudia xxx

  11. I saw that cupcake storage box today and thought about buying it, now I wish I had =[

  12. oh the dress is fabulous, i saw that in store last week and was almost tempted to break the shopping ban for it!
    and where oh where did you find the storage drawers?? xx

  13. I love that dress.
    Where did you find your house of holland tights? I can't get them anywhere locally :(

  14. Sooo cute

    I loove the necklace and the storage box !!


  15. love all your buya :)

    ive been on the look out for the house of hollands-where they from chick???

    have a fab wkend xx

  16. Ooooh you got some lovely things there.


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