Thursday, 4 February 2010

Let them eat cake(and outfit of the day!)

I always bake when i'm a little stressed out so with things at work dragging on, i baked spent last night making some coconut fairy cakes.
And decorated them with pink glitter and flowers!
They are so lovely!
On to what i wore today! Despite the feezing cold i wore my new dress! Layering is my friend. Excuse the creases these were taken after a day at work.
Bright pink tee-Marks and Spencer, Floral dress-Primark, Black opaques
Black suede ankle boots-ASOS
What did you wear today? x


  1. Oh they look fab. I hate coconut though, but i'd eat the icing :). Love that dress. I wore my new ASOS t shirt today and have split coffee down it. Doh!

  2. Those cupcakes look SO yummy! I love baking girly things like that. Love your floral outfit too!

    Today I wore jeans, boots, a floral vest and grey cardigan. Definitely not blog-worthy! :)

  3. Those cakes look so yummy!
    Nice outfit!
    Claudia xxx

  4. Mmmmmmmmmm those cupcakes look yummy! You always look so nice. I wore a black floral dress yesterday. x

  5. Those cakes look so nice! As does your outfit :) You look gorgeous XO

  6. Those muffins look so yummy - there seems to be a trend for baking at the moment on the blogs. I might attempt to bake next week - maybe make some cakes for hubby for valentines day.

  7. That dress shows off your figure so nicely, its gorgeous.
    I want a cupcake!! haha xx

  8. Mmmmmm they look amazing! I love the decorations. I love your boots and the dress is so cute! I am currently still in my PJs hehe but will probably wear a grey jersey shoulder pad top with a grey tweed skirt and embellished flats.

  9. Pretty, pretty, pretty...that's your outfit and the cakes!!!
    Sorry to hear that you're down, it's nearly the weekend so no girl can be sad for long.

  10. Oh I'm craving coconut now!

    You look lovely, as always :)

  11. Another pretty dress ! You have some lovely dresses and what yummy fairy cakes!


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