Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Weekend buys

Meadowhall was as fabulous as ever and as well as my scrumptious spotty dress i got a ew other bits.

I went to the Chanel counter in boots to perve over the make up and tested this gorgeous lipgloss, its a lovely deep pink with lots of glitter in, its stunning. My friend Katie forced me to buy it! With it i got a free sample sized mascara. The little Chanel bag is so cute!

In Primark i got this gorgeous coral dress with button and ruffle detailing. I love the colour and floatiness of this. Then in New Look i saw this hanging up. I've wanted a playsuit for ages and love the heart print on this one. I tried it on and was happy that the shorts aren't too short. It comes without a belt but the shape looks much better when i added one as you can see in the photos.


  1. Ooh love that Coral Dress, i can never find any clothes like that in Primark :( x

  2. Lovely buys as always! The dress is so cute.

  3. I grabbed that new look playsuit too---- such a gem!
    Love the dress too, you have a fab primark, my local one is crap, it's really gone down hill *sob*.

    PeAce & BoWs...
    prettyneons X :)

  4. I think Primark makes clothes for you, everything you get from there is so *you*, half of it doesn't suit me at all!

    Love the Chanel!

  5. I love that coral dress. I can't wait for Bristol to open the new big primark so I can actually get decent stuff from there.

    I've been considering that playsuit...I might have to be brave and try it on. I keep thinking maybe a playsuit is not practical for me though. I'm the kind of girl that has to pee every two seconds.


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