Monday, 4 May 2009

Night out outfit and make up post!

I went out on the town last night with my friends. I had a fab time rolling in at about 3.15am, i had drunk far too much so i'm really feeling it today. I wore a new dress that i got from Meadowhall which i'm in love with. Also i wore false eyelashes for the first time ever!

Blue 50's polka dot dress- Dorothy PerkinsNude fishnets
Nude MJ'S - Topshop- excuse the bad picture
My falsies
Nearly attatched
The end result


  1. that dress is supercute, plus i love your hair

  2. You look fab - I have never seen your face before you are soooo pretty

  3. Aww u look lovely Em! Great lashes and love that dress.

    Glad you had a good night!


  4. Thank you girlies!I love the dress so much, it makes we want to twirl round!

  5. That dress looks INCREDIBLE on you. And I'm so jealous of your talent with false lashes, beautiful girl.

  6. My god. I'm trying to think of something to say that doesn't sound appallingly pervy, but I can't!

    You look gorgeous, I love the outfit, and the eyelashes are just amazing. Send some of the beautiful vibes my way please!

  7. you look amazin great lashes & great make up


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