Sunday, 24 May 2009

Bank Holiday!

Well we're halfway through the bank holiday weekend now and i hope everyones enjoying it.
Mine started fantastically, Friday night was a girls night out and we went for a lovely meal at a local hotel and there were also a group of male strippers on too along with a drag act. Its not something i'd normally go to but it was alot of fun and luckily i didn't get pulled up on stage or i would have been mortified. After that we went into town and went to a club until about half 3 and then we went onto a late bar and then back to my friends. I finally rolled home at about 7am on Saturday morning. Sadly i had no time to take outfit pictures, i wore my zip up dress, purple opaques and black platforms, heres me before i went out.
Heres a hideous picture of Katie and me out
After a couple of hours sleep i got up and went to the local retail park as we needed some bits for the puppies.
I popped into Matalan and got some jegging/tregging things and also these flat sandalsThe rest of the day was spent trying to ward off my hangover by drinking lots of fruit juice and also trying to keep awake for as long as possible!

These are some other bits i've gotton this week. I've ordered this blue dress and black cardigan from Topshop.

I also ordered a Flamingo print dress and a black bodysuit from New Look but i couldn;t get the pictures to save for some reason.

Also my mum got me this cute necklace with a bow pendant on.


  1. You are utterly gorgeous, eyes are just stunning x

  2. I always say this and doubtless sound like a sleazy stalker ;) but you're gorgeous!

    I love the little bow necklace too. And the doggies are beyond cute!!

  3. Having a woeful weekend (I'm a Newcastle fan) You look gorgeous as per usual you have amazing eyes and your skin always looks so perfect! Loving the bow pendant and sandals - where is the pendant from?

  4. sounds like you are having a super fun weekend. your dogs ae soo cute.

  5. Hi there-It sounds like you've had a fabulous weekend, love your buys too!

  6. Such cute things!

    Also, new look won't save, but the smaller image before the proper info will save as a photo xx

  7. Looking lovely, the sandals are really nice too!

  8. I love the little bow necklace.
    So adorable.

  9. Hey Hun Got The Bow Necklace Today - If Its The Same From Asda Be Careful With It - I Had It For About 3 Minutes Took It Off The Card and It Snapped - Its Took Me All Afternoon To Fix It It's Reall Fragile - Really Pretty Tho ;)

  10. Hi lou, yeah its the asda one, i must have been lucky as i've been weaing mine constantly and been really rough with it!

  11. Trust me I've probably get got a weak one :) either that or I don't know my own strenght lol


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