Saturday, 23 May 2009

Outfit post

I've been pretty rubbish at posting my outfits recently so heres something i wore earlier in the week. Not the most exciting outfit.
Red and white striped vest-H&M, black melange skirt- AA, Black opaques
Black cardigan- La Redoute
Red triple strap shoes- Select


  1. Lovely, shoes really give it the punch! i love them xx

  2. Love the skirt, is that H&M too? x

  3. hi, i was wondering if my updates come up on your page & are you able to make comments? i have a feeling a have messed up somewhere..?

    Thanks xx

  4. Hi, i hope you see this cindy,i can't get onto your blog for some reason.

  5. Hmm i thought as much, i think it's because i changed my blogspot name from my real

    copy & paste this link from below to add me again..?


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