Saturday, 30 May 2009


I had a bit of a spending spree today!
Humungous leopard print bag, i could fit the kitchen sink into this!
Leopard print vest, sized up for slouchiness
Button back floral blouse, this is the back.Awesome studded sandals
Navy and silver sunnies in leopard print case
Navy and white cropped vestFalse lashesI also did a little online order using up some paypal money

Daisy and pearl banglesDaisy studsBlack eyelet skirt for a bit of rock chick

I've also found out that i'm going to be an Auntie(again) and the baby is due 14th December, 6 days before my birthday! I'm just slightly excited.


  1. Where are the daisy earrings from hun?

  2. Lovely news Emma

    Love those daisy earrings!

  3. Hey girls thank you! The studs are from Miss S, theres a free delivery code too MACO4, order away! x

  4. Sugar !!!I just put my order through without the code - You must think I am such a copycat but I love loads of the things you buy <3 - I have the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume ring and it looks exactly like the earrings :)Congratulations on your news by the way - I got so excited by the earrings that I forgot to say it first time round whoops

  5. Hi

    I might have to get those earrings too lol

    Did you like the asos yellow dress what does it fit like? I might order it.

  6. Hi there-congrats on being an auntie again! Love your buys, some lovely things here!

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  8. Just discovered your blog , really enjoying reading it :D

    Where did you get the cut floral blouse from? Been seraching for something similar for ages.

    Love your blog x

  9. I love the studded sandals - where did you get them? I so wanna go shopping with you ;) x

  10. heyy where did you get them gladiator sandals from ? reall love them x x
    congrats on the baby news

  11. Helloooo, the shoes are from Primark, i wore them today and they made my feet bleed!

  12. oh god thats really bad i hope they get better but they are soo nice .. mayby they just need breaking in hun x


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