Thursday, 7 May 2009

I am a magpie

I am a total magpie, i ordered this back in January and its finally arrived 3 and a half months later.I am so in love with it, i've seen lots of sequinned things in black but not many in navy which makes me love it even more. I hope to wear it casually with jeans and a vest and also maybe over a plain white summer dress.


  1. Its lovely, how come it took so long to come? x

  2. Thank you ladies! it took so long because its been out of stock all that time :(

  3. I am loving this so much! Do you mind me asking where it's from?? It's Konstantine from the bag, by the way...I hope you don't mind me following you. I'm new to all this and trying to figure out how to make my blog more interesting!


  4. Of course i don't mind you asking, its from La Redoute x


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