Sunday, 10 May 2009

ASOS spree

I really like so much on the ASOS site at the moment. They have loads of cute accessories and summer clothes in so it doesn't surprise me that they are doing so well despite the current economic climate.
I've added to their growth by placing an order.
Oversized tee- to wear for lazy casual days with leggings.
Yellow sundress- a yellow summer dress was on my wishlist so heres hoping this is nice!
This long necklace with cute dressing table pendant, so quirky i love it.


  1. Love them!! How much was the Yellow Sundress? Will look fab on, be ideal for holiday too xx

  2. I love that pendant I was looking at it the other day - I'm just waiting to see if I get my birthday discount :)

  3. hiya :)
    just to let you know i have a new blog, so have a look, become a follower if you like and look out for some posts coming soon!

  4. Hi Emma

    I love the yellow dress very pretty.

    I have a yellow dress and it feels so summery when I wear it.

  5. Hi there-great buys my dear, love the oversizr tee and yellow dress!

  6. ooh i've actually got that first top in my shopping basket at the moment in white and 'fairy dust' (coral pink) so please let me know if it's nice! :)

  7. Thank you for your comments. Sadie the dress was only £17 or £18 so a total bargain if its nice. Rosa i'll let you know, i'm thinking of getting the airy dust one too.

  8. love all of them! the pendant is soo cute! x

  9. Hi Emma

    What was the yellow dress like? I am also quite busty so did it suit you?

    I might order it myself!



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