Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I thought I'd pop up some photos from our trip to York. For anyone who hasn't been York is a gorgeous place to go, its so pretty and i love the bustle and the shops :~)
The York Art Gallery
They are currently holding an exhibition on China
Me and Phil were both intrigued by this
Inside York Minster
It was so hard to get this picture, there were lots of annoying young girls going up and squealing at him!
Pretty!Cheesy! I'm so happy for Phil, he has been given a temporary promotion at work(possibly leading to permanent) so fingers crossed all goes well for him.
Has anyone else been to York? I know some of my followers live in Yorkshire too and i know a couple will be going to uni there. If you've never been i recommend it!


  1. I love York! It seems so different from Leeds and only like half hour away. Lovely photos! xo

  2. I love York, too! One of my pals ws a t Uni there and I spent many a weekend trawling the pubs and charity shops. Thanks for reminding me how fab a city it is! xxx

  3. Looks lovely, i haven't been to York as yet but planning to go.

    Congratulations to your oh on his promotion.


  4. Someone in work was telling me York is lovely and I have wanted to go for a while and also to Sheffield.

    Love the photo of you and Phil...awww xx

  5. Aw I love York - I often go there at Christmas for shopping, it's so pretty! xx

  6. Well I've never been to the UK fullstop. Hopefully one day I will. The photo of you and Phil is cute, you have such nice blue eyes.

  7. My home in 3 weeeks! Eeeeek! I graduate in the minster too. Ahhh. This post has made me excited! aha xxxx

  8. I'm going to York tomorrow! thank you for the tips.

    Also, I am so sorry I havent posted the russian dolls yet. Work has been manic and now im off on a break but promise I will pop them in the post nest week :) xx

  9. Congratulations Phil! Fingers crossed that it's permanent.

    I haven't been to York properly for ages but everyone seems to be going at the moment and it's making me wistful :(

  10. I have only been to York for a few brief hours, mainly for family meals, my boyfriends brother is studying at uni there.

    I will make it a must to have a full day there, exploring the shops and sights! x

  11. I love historical York! I was fortunate to visit this gorgeously-spellbound English city many years ago with my primary school class in the *Eighties!

    This lovely post has brought back some lovely memories of the wicked day trip by train(British Rail then:)that one will treasure forever. I'm always telling visitors(home or away:) they must visit York:)

    * whoops! just shown me age:)

    Yep York is a gem:)


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