Monday, 23 August 2010

Ins and Outs

I've scheduled this post as Phil is off work until Wednesday and i know i won't get the chance to blog properly. I'm meant to be doing Day 15 of the tag today which is a fanfic but i have no idea what that is! So i'm going to do an Ins and Outs instead.

Baking, i've always loved baking and have found an avid audience in Phil who loves cake(and actually manages to lose weight despite eating loads). I made these yummy marble cupcakes this week with chocolate butter icing and chocolate and vanilla marshmallows.

Baby kicks, as i'm sitting here i'm being kicked from the inside like its an Olympic Sport. I love it now but in a few weeks in the middle of the night i might be praying for it to stop.

Out flat(ours is the brown door) its so nice and we have all the basics, now i'm just prettying it up.

Hair bows, i'm having a hair bow phase at the moment.

Flying Saucers, yum!


Rain, one minute is gorgeous and sunny, then i hang out the washing and it pours. Why? Missing my dogs, i might be loving the flat but i miss my dogs like mad. Their excitement when i go and see them makes me laugh, i'm not sure if its me they like or the treats i take them!



  1. Your flat looks so pretty (as do you in that hair bow!). Love Flying Saucers and hate the rain, too! xxx

  2. Hiya hun oh wow I have so much catching up to do. Hows it all going?Good I hope. Yet again you've inspired me to bake.I'm also collecting anything with a bow on it!

    prettyneons xXx

  3. Your flat looks lovely.

    Have you got the recipe for those cupcakes they look lovely! xx

  4. Those cakes look yummy, its a bad idea reading about food when i'm trying not to eat after 6pm x

  5. your flat looks so, so pretty! xoxo

  6. I love baking too! Ben doesn't like sweets so I have to eat them all :)
    Cute headband...fingers crossed you'll like my headbands I'll have for sale soon. xxx

  7. I demolished an entire bag of flying saucers in about 2 minutes at the weekend. Shame on me. At least they're not that high in calories!

    Ooh, and I wasn't around to comment on some of your previous posts but you should definitely get a copy of My Mother's Wedding Dress. It's fascinating.


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