Sunday, 15 August 2010

Day 11 a photo of me taken recently! Bump!!

Well i'm 25 weeks pregnant now and theres no mistaking that i am! For the last couple of days i've not been well and i've mainly been resting with a book. Baby is fine its just me, weird numbness and just feeling off :(
Each week i've been taking photo to track my bump, theres a section in the baby book i've got to put photos in, it'll be nice to look at afterwards. Also each week i get an email telling me what bump is upto, this week he is about 35cm long!
Heres me last week at 24 weeks looking huge!
I've posted some older ones to show how i've grown.
22 weeks
18 weeks
15 weeks
10 weeks, i look so small here!

We've nearly got everything now, i've been busy washing the clothes and bedding while the weather is nice ready for when he arrives. I'm pretty relaxed about the whole thing at the moment.

Its very weird being pregnant, everyone wants to ask you about it and people are so nice offering up seats and helping you pick things up from low down. I'm not even bothered about the putting weight on, i like my bump, i'd probably be more bothered if i'd put lots of weight on all over but i seem to have been fairly lucky so far!

I hope everyones had a fab weekend xx


  1. Aw I love this post - check out that gorgeous bump! :)

    I'm so incredibly broody, it's ridiculous & posts like this don't help :p

    Hope you're feeling a bit better soon, take care x

  2. you look gorgeous my lovely hope your feeling better soon xx

  3. Big bump for 25 weeks! I got to 24 weeks without even knowing I WAS pregnant.

  4. Time really does fly! I like how you are taking pics and documenting your journey through pregnancy.

    It's good to hear your feeling relaxed about it all, and have everything ready for him :)

  5. Goodness me, that has grown! Good to hear that people are still nice, you hear such horror stories these days. xxx

  6. Awww congrats!! Time goes so quickly!!!
    I remember when you said you were pregnant!!
    :) EXCITING! xxx

  7. Congrats! It's great that you love your bump! You'll miss it once it's gone...but you'll have such a beautiful little bundle in return:)

  8. wow you can see such a difference.


  9. Look at you! You look gorgeous throughout. Cannot wait to meet your little man. x

  10. You don't look huge, you look pregnant! Such a tidy little bump as well, you lucky duck.

  11. aahh i hadn't seen, congratulations to you!

  12. What a gorgeous baby bump!


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