Thursday, 12 August 2010

Day 10, a photo taken of me over 10 years ago and nail of the day

Ohhh 2 posts in one day!
Like most people my age i don't have many old photos of me on my laptop, well before the days of digital cameras!
I do have these two photos though, i must be about 6 here with my old dog Charlie when she was a puppy. Nobody ever believes me when i say i was very blonde until about 13!
And on holiday, i love this swimming costume!
Nail of today is from my ELF haul, its Desert Haze, its a gorgeous easy to wear colour.
Have a fabulous weekend. Phil has the whole weekend off for once and Monday too, i can't wait! xx


  1. cute photos & lovely nail polish


  2. You were such a sweetie! I had bright blonde hair too but it didn't last much beyond the age of 7 or 8.

  3. You were adorable! Can't believe you were that blonde. Have a lovely weekend! xxx

  4. Oh my god, you blonde haha! Little cutie!

  5. aww cute xx

    I was blonde too when I was young!

  6. Desert Haze is a lovely polish. And so cheap. Winner.

  7. Aaw so cute! I used to have light brown hair when I was younger, now it's dark as the night lol

  8. You were such a gorgeous kid- and still are - Baby will be beautiful! I was sooo blonde until about ten or eleven.... sigh... it's all down to perfectly placed streaks now... xx


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