Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Boring outfit, new dress and day 3!

I'm so excited to have a mirror, so i took a photo of a boring outfit i was wearing for unpacking and sorting so excuse the mess!
Love and Kisses jumper-New Look, Black leggings- H&M
This week i've also ordered this maternity dress from the ASOS sale, i'm hoping its pretty in real life. I think i'd probably just pair it with gold sandals.
Time for day 3 of my 30 day tag. Your favourite tv programme. To my shame my tv addiction is Neighbours, i love it, its nearly always sunny and things are always ok in the end. I also love Home and Away, please don't judge me!!!


  1. That looks really cute on you, Em and the new frock is gorgeous. I haven't watched those Aussie soaps since the Minogues left. xxx

  2. You don't even look pregnant in that first photo Em! The new dress is very lovely too.

  3. this outfit needs a big bulky pink rockish neclace. are you feelin it? yeah for full length mirrors. i have to stand on my tub edge to see myself. what eva.

  4. That is a great Dress. I am doing work experience somewhere that does maternity wear, so if you get an email from them its because I put you down as a Pregnant/Mummy Blogger!

  5. I love both your dresses! Hey, I love Neighbours too! Ben never lets me watch it when he's home. But HOme and Away that acting is horrible..hehehe but I won't hold it against you :)

  6. I just discovered ASOS recently and I love it. I ordered few dresses from them. My review is coming up.
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  7. Love that lace dress, very pretty xx


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