Sunday, 1 August 2010

We're in!

Thank you for the lovely good luck comments on my last post. The move went as well as it could, it was pretty easy for me as nobody will let me lift things or do too much at the moment. We're currently waiting for our wardrobe to be finished and shelving to be delivered so until then we're living out of boxes(apart from the bathroom and kitchen which i've already sorted out!)
We went for the most gorgeous meal last night for the 18th birthday of one of Phils family members, it was divine and i just had strangers groping my stomach all night, I wore my new dress from Very but we have no mirror yet so i don't have any pictures. Everybody was drinking champagne all night which is a bit frustrating, i am allowed to have 2 units a week but i've gone this far without a drink, i can manage a few more weeks.
Once we're sorted i'm going to post some photos of our little home but until then i'll leave you with a photo of my favourite thing so far. I got 2 giant square pillowcases ages ago in the sale from work for about £1 each just because i loved the print and now they get their first use!
I have been purchasing a couple of non homey bits this week. This super comfy jumper dress from New Look, i've suddenly realised i'm going to be big until the end of November at least, so my little flimsy summer dresses aren't going to cut it!
Some cute pearl earrings from Topshop
And for the little man in my life i found this in TKMaxx, a Baby Dior knitted all in onene, its so gorgeous, it has a tiny check pattern that you can't really see in the photo. It was £20 with an RRP of £130. I've always laughed at people buying designer labels for babies but i would have loved this even if it was in Primark.
I hope everyones having a lovely weekend xxxx


  1. aww cute that dress looks so comfy.


  2. Yay for being in!

    Love those cushions - gorgeous :)

    November seems a long way away, but it'll go really quickly I'm sure!

    Thanks for the comment :) I've bought loads of stuff for my nephew from Asda - it all washes really well & everything too. Can't go wrong!

  3. Glad the move went well. Those cushions look like a real bargain and can't wait to see more pics of your lovely new home :)x

  4. Oooh, so glad you're in your new home and feeling more settled! The Dior romper is fabulous. You'll have such a stylist baby! x

  5. Hope you're settling in well, how lovely for you to have your own place :) x

  6. Happy new home!! Those pillowcases are beautiful and the romper suit is adorable. xxx

  7. Glad the move went well, the all in one is very cute!

  8. That's definately going to be one stylish baby! xx

  9. Awww that baby dior outfit is SO adorable :)
    I am so happy for you!! Exciting!!
    You are on my new daily reads page :)
    Because I love your blog!!

  10. Aww you always buy the best stuff! DEF come to Leeds for shopping on that Saturday Emma we HAVE to meet!! xxxx

  11. Happy new home Em and Phil! It must be so nice to be in, and in a week or two you'll be all sorted and settled :)

  12. Congratulations on your new home!
    It must be all so exciting

    Those pillowcases are gorgeouss
    And what a cute little baby groww


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