Monday, 2 August 2010

Outfit of last week

In all the chaos involved in moving i forgot to post this outfit last week.
Cream nightie dress- Topshop Maternity, Orange corsage-Stolen from my mum
My faithful studded flats-Primark
Modelling Chanels Miami Peach lipgloss
We now have a mirror! That means i can actually see what i look like in my clothes, rather then relying on Phil!
Also i'm going to do the 30 day tag thats going around, so heres day 1.
Your favourite song- Its so hard! I'll go with the song i'm listening to mostly at this moment. According to my itunes its Florence and the Machines-You've got the love.


  1. Love that dress, it looks so lovely on you. Very pretty corsage too x

  2. pretty dress. dead summery :) x

  3. I adore that dress! Looks beautiful on you... and your hair is getting SO long now!

  4. That dress is amazing! Love it lady :) x

  5. Oh I love that dress and you look so pretty as usual xx

  6. whey hey.... just read your comment a boy you say!! aww so excites hun!!

    Your looking as fab as ever. xx

  7. You look so pretty, that dress is gorgeous and summery and the sandals are really cute! x

  8. You are sooooo pretty! Love the pop of orange against the dress. xxx

  9. That dress is so lovelyy
    Your look so prettyy

  10. YOU ARE SOOO PRETTY AND BEAUTIFUL AND STUNNING! with amazing dress sense of course!
    with lots of love
    suyin xxxxx

  11. Really cute dress - there's nothing like a classic white sundress for summer! x


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