Thursday, 3 June 2010

Striped dress and sandals

Wow these photos are poo, i'm sorry! A nice casual outfit, i think i might pick another one of these up as i can see me wearing it ALOT! I seem to be wearing stripes all the time at the moment, i think this would be nice with a red skinny belt too.
Striped tee/dress-H&M, Black leggings-New Look
Nude lace up flats-Primark


  1. I've got the plain versions of that - in grey, white & black - & I've worn them SO much since I've got them! However, on me, it's definitely more of a top than a dress..

    Good ol' H&M hey?!

  2. *makes a note to pop into H&M this evening*

    It looks fab on you :)

  3. whoever said stripes aren't flattering! you look great!

  4. love the outfit. Love H&M too :D x

  5. Such a cute dress! I love the sandals too. x


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