Monday, 14 June 2010

Ins and Outs

Belts- I've found they make me look pregnant rather then fat, a skinnyish belt just above the bump is perfect!

My bump- growing fast and i can feel baby dancing around now, its still tiny so it feels like butterflies inside at the moment. I can't wait for the kicks so that the boy can feel it too. Ohh and i'm off to see the midwife on Wednesday and if bumpy isn't hiding i'll get to hear the heartbeat for the first time.

Baking- relaxing and yum.
My lovely followers- yes thats you! When i get upto 300 i'll be doing another giveaway for you all.

Books- i've been speed reading lately, mainly chick lit for an easy read but theres nothing better then curling up with a good book.

Mary Queen of Shops-Love it, so glad the new series is on but the lady in the first episode was awful.

Stupid internet still not working properly.

The things they don't tell you about pregnancy- i'm not going to put you off by giving more info!

Goks fashion fix- this programme really annoys me for some reason, i still watch it though...


  1. Aw I hope the things they don't tell you about pregnancy arent too bad for you :( I lived with about 5 midwives for a couple of years so I've pretty much heard it all!


  2. Wow! Look at that curvy tum, too cute.
    Hope you're feeling okay. I love your cheery post today. Who doesn't love Mary Portas?
    I'm quite enjoying Gok, too.

  3. Awhhh i love baby bumps on women. Odd i know.

    Bet you're getting dead excited.

    Do you want to know (or do you alreadyy) if its pink or blue?


  4. You look lovely - definitely pregnant and definitely not fat! Hope the midwife appointment goes well on Wednesday :) x

  5. babies like it when you take a tub. they seem to move around a lot. at least mine did. having babies is the best thing ever!

  6. The belt shows off your growing belly perfectly! Lovely stuff. xx

  7. I've given up on Gok now - I don't know anybody who would wear the ridiculously customised over the top things he does for the runway - plus that Brix woman drives me MAD!!

  8. Your bump is gorgeous! You style yourself so well Xx

  9. Aww look at your bump coming along! x

  10. Awwww yourbump is growing!
    My best friend told me I look like Gok! If I'm thinking it's the same Gok.... eeeek.

  11. hahahaha that bread woman how evil was she? Poor Mary was only trying to help,it was sooo awkward to watch sometimes. I just kept shouting at the screen like-"forgodsakes luv listen to her, she is a retail expert!"
    The best bit was when the crazy bread lady decided to hide upstairs in her flat LOL LOL!!

    Oh how I've missed your blog!=)

    prettyneons xxx

    P.S...*Agree.Gok should seriously Gok off with all his 'it's all about the confidence' crap.

  12. Aww thats a pretty little bump!


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