Thursday, 17 June 2010

I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes

Its such a beautiful day! I hope everyones been able to enjoy a little sunshine today. I've been out in the garden all morning playing with the dogs and listening to Bob Dylan, but am inside now for a bit of a break from the sun. Its the perfect day to wear my new maxi dress.
Maxi dress-Primark
Chainmail bracelet-Topshop
Millie enjoying a game of football, shes pretty good
Coco with her toy handbag, such a princess
And typical Oscar relaxing in the shade watching the world go by


  1. That dress is gorgous! It looks lovely on you. I haven't seen it in Primark yet, I haven't been for a while though.

    Got to love the toy handbag :)

  2. The dress is such a great shape. I feel like keeping that photo to rub in the face of anyone that says maxi dresses aren't flattering!

  3. That's a lovely maxi dress :)
    Your dogs are adorable!

  4. The dress looks gorgeous on you! I don't know what's wrong with me, I'm sitting in my room with the fan heater on lol. x

  5. woww ! I love the maxi dress so so much !
    Might have to go and purchase one :) xx

  6. Aw, look at Coco and Oscar...such cuties! You look fab in that dress, fits you perfectly and I love the splash of green, gorgeous!!

  7. you look great in this dress! Loving the wedges too xx

  8. The dogs are very cute, but that dress is gorgeous! I love the colours :)

    Will have to keep an eye out in Primark for that beauty..

    Thanks for the comment :)

  9. Jesus how amazing does that dress look on you! Makes my little waist look gorgeous, perfect hourglass even with baby!

  10. i love those wedges, and your dogs are so sweet!
    Claudia xxx

  11. Gorgeous dress! I am so JEALOUS it's Summer there. Your dogs are just so cute.. I want one.

  12. That dress is literally sensational!!
    Congrats on the baby bump, I haven't visited your blog in a while for some reason, so this is news to me, but am now following you so I don't lose you again! I'm so broody, I wish I had a bump of my own!
    Thanks for your entry to the competition! xx

  13. I LOVE your wedges. I really really have to get these.
    Lovely blog.

  14. That maxi dress is gorgeous! It was such a lovely day today :) I really want a maxi but I'm so short that it's hard to find one that doesn't drag on the ground!! x

  15. This is such a gorgeous dress
    I want a maxi, jussst like this please?
    You look stunning

  16. I have that maxi too but it looks MUCH better on you, I don't have the boobs to fill it!


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