Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Reasons to be happy :)

I'm in a very sunny mood today! Why is that i hear you ask, wellllll lots of reasons :)

The weather is still beautiful but thank goodness its not as hot as it has been. My poor sister in law has her baby due in 2 weeks and is getting no sleep at all! The garden is looking gorgeous and its so lovely sitting out and reading.
In the last 2 weeks i've made about £140 on ebay and i still have loads more to sell. I've cleared out my shoes and have about 30 pairs to put on!
My lovely boy is flying home from his holiday today, we are going to spend the day tomorrow, i can't wait!
The bump is growing by the second it seems! This morning i was lying down looking at it and it was bigger on the right hand side where the baby was, really strange being able to see it, a bit Alien like!
What is making you happy today? xxx


  1. Whats the link to your ebay shop love?

  2. Ebay is my haven. I put a few things on last week and there all ending tonight! :)
    & whatever money I do make, I don’t feel guilty about spending on clothes and stuff because I know it’s only what I would have spent originally on the stuff I sold! x

  3. awh your baby bump is getting really big!
    I've been selling bits on ebay too - so satisfying when i see my bank account and my organised room :)

  4. Oooh it would freak me out being able to see baby-shapes!!! The bump is definitely growing, it;s so exciting! Your poor sister in law though, she must be so uncomfortable right now :(

  5. Nice post! The sun is shining, that's making me happy, especially after setting off to work in heavy rain this morning!

  6. Oh, lovely stuff! Such a nice, happy post. Bump is looking fab! x

  7. Loving the bump. I am so clucky at the moment it's bad. I am so jealous it's sunny and warm there, it's bloody freezin here in Oz.
    My partner starting the fire for me makes me happy and warm!


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