Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A couple of buys

Lucky me, i got to go shopping for the boys clothes for his holiday today- yes thats right the lucky boy is off on holiday with his mates next week, leaving me at home, i hope it rains there and is sunny here!! We went to Leeds, its been a beautiful day weather-wise, i hope everyone else has been having sunshine too.
Now obviously i couldn't go to the shops without getting me a couple of bits. To be honest i'm dissapointed with the maternity bit in Leeds Topshop as its the tiniest section ever usually with just black/white vests and jeans, but my lovely man spied this for me. Its perfect, pretty, comfy, roomy and long enough on me to wear with jeggings.
I spied this in Primark, its huge though! I love that its not just a print, the chains are real and the bow is acutally a ribbon rather then just a print.
I went into H&M for me but we ended up spending ages looking at the baby clothes, Phil was more excited then me as the clothes in there are fab, he was putting little outfits together. Sadly it was mostly for boys or girls so we'll be going back when we find out next month. We did get this little tee, meant for a baby boy, but if i have a girl she'll be rocking it too.
What was the last thing you bought? xx


  1. wow, I lvoe the eiffel tower top. It's beautiful.
    My most recent purchase was a sun dress from Zara, it's lovely :) xx

  2. Aw the rolling stones top is adorable!

  3. the stone T is too cute!

    you look great chick, your very tiny and neat and the bump is coming along

    take it easy x

  4. Awww how rock & roll is your baby going to be?!? Very cute!


  5. Your man's got great taste, both with you and that gorgeous dress! Love the Rolling Stones tee, just adorable.

  6. The eiffel tower top is so cute!
    My most recent purchas was some lazy day shorts and a summer top from Hollister x

  7. Your boyfriend has good taste - that dress is lovely - well spotted!
    I love how he was getting excited about the baby clothes - so sweet :)
    That tshirt is adorable & totally suitable for a boy or girl - ideal!

    One of the last things I bought was a grey bag from New Look, which I've been in love with for AGES, then when I went in the other day, it jumped out at me because FINALLY it was in the sale! So now obviously mine :) I've used it pretty much every day since too - great purchase!


  8. amazing pirchases, you will look lovely!

  9. Love all your buys. Maternity wear in Australia is not very good. We stocked it in at my work but we stopped seling it cause it wasn't selling...Materity is bloody expensive here.
    Can't wait to find out what you're having xxx

  10. That tee is so adorable for a pink baba or a blue baba.
    Awhhh. I love seeing baby clothes.

    Ahaha my boy went away with his friends last year the week before my birthday and the week i went back to 6th form. Wasnt nice so i can totally sympathise.

    Also iv been meaning to ask for an ageee - do you use twitter love?


  11. you did good with rolling stones tee. what are you going to wear it with? tulle black skirt? yellow leather pencil skirt? sequend leggings?

  12. Fab buys Em :)

    Isn't shopping for baby clothes the most fun thing? I'm so unbelievably unmaternal but it's the one thing about babies that I actually like! Well, I like hearing about baby news, I just don't want to have to hold them or look after them!

  13. How cute is that tee for baby?!?
    And cute stuff for yourself.

    X x

  14. Great buys, love the Primark top and Rolling Stones baby tee :D I saw these not loing ago, how cute?!



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