Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I'm losing my marbles

I keep losing things! The latest is my camera, now i know it hasn't been out of the house but still i can't find it anywhere, its probably in the fridge or something. So i'll have to show my pretty new things using website photos.
The Topshop sale started today, i took advantage to get a couple of pretty maternity bits at a bargain price. I've ordered this dress

and this tunic for a total of £27 wooo.

I've been feeling a bit sad with Phil being away so wanted to get something impractical to cheer myself up, thats where these babies come in. I love the colour, can't wait for them to arrive! Hopefully they'll go with the topshop dress.I couldn't resist a hair bow in the same colour. If you have any ideas about where my camera might be hiding, please help!


  1. Cute stuff Em! TS's maternity section is fab. Love the shoes as well. I managed to get a few bits from the TS sale too. I hope they cheer me up to. I'm feeling very depressed about exams :( Will post piccies when I get them because as usual i went a bit overboard. xx

  2. Those shoes are so nice! New Look shoes are amazing. x

  3. lvove the shoes so so much.
    they are beauties, defo cheer you up ! xx

  4. i have been lusting after those shoes for weeks, theyre in the window of my local new look. i'm so jealous :)

  5. Lovely buys there - & yep, those shoes are seriously gorgeous :)

    If you find your camera any time soon, let us know where, yeah? It'll give me somewhere else to look for mine! It's been missing for quite a while now, & I know full well it's in my house (in fact, my room..) somewhere.. but it's not giving up its hiding place!

  6. I love the dress! I'm always losing things as well. Maybe try to remember the last time you had it and trace your steps. That's what I always do.

  7. Love the heels! They'll look fab with those beautiful tops.

  8. hahahaha "in the fridge" your so funny!
    About two months ago I lost a dress.
    I know like how can a dress just vanish?
    Heaven knows.

    *OMG did you see the latest episode of queen of shops? The fruit & veg shop episode.
    Is there anything she cannot save?

    prettyneons XxX

  9. I love those shoes :D if only I could wear heels, haha..

  10. love those shoes!! Hey doll did you get my email the other day? xxx


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