Monday, 7 June 2010

New bits

Argghh my internet provider has decided to 'improve' the internet so its pretty my posting and commenting will be sporadic over the next week or so.
I hope everyone is good. I'm feeling good, my sickness seems to have gone, though i did nearly faint in Asda over the weekend, luckily i was with my mum, i had to sit down on one of those little stools they stand on for a few minutes until it passed very embarrassing!
While we had the sunshine i went into Leeds and got a few little bits.

Firslty my new favourite lipstick. MAC's Vegas Volt, they describe it as a full power coral and i couldn't agree more. Its gorgeous and lasts forever on my lips.

I toned it down a bit for this photo, excuse my non made up face!

I also picked up Soap and Glorys heel genius, Charles Worthington Shampoo and Conditioner, Night cream and Razor Blades. Now i'm not 100% sure about this dress, it was only £9 from Primark, my mum loves it but maxi dresses tend to swamp me. I think i need to play around with it. Finally this cute Paris vest, i sized up to fit in the growing belly and its a good length to wear with leggings. Whats everyone been doing this weekend? xxx


  1. I really like that paris vest, i bet itll look wonderful over your bump!
    I hope youre both well, and have no more fainting spells!! xx

  2. This is the second blog I've seen that Eiffel Tower top on now & I'm really annoyed that it still hasn't appeared in my local Primark!

    Take care -

  3. Love the maxi dress, I agree with your Mum I bet you look lovely in it.
    No more fainting spells, please! Look after yourself.

  4. Aww that's terrible about your incident in Asda! Good job your mum was there, and I;m glad you're feeling better now. I love that shade of lipstick on you, it really compliments your eyes and skintone.

  5. Emma, you don't need much make up cos you are pretty with or without it.

    I like the lipstick on you, the colour suits you and I love that long t-shirt xx

  6. I think the dress will look lovely on you, and will give you plenty of room for your bump! x


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